The ionbox 20m is our flagship, award winning unit that will purify, clean, and detox your air.

The ionbox 20m contains a powerful negative ion generator that releases up to 20 million negative ions per second. Negative ions are naturally found in the environment are created by electrostatic phenomena.



Breathe easy knowing that the ionbox is embedded with breakthrough negative ion technology The ionbox is backed by proven scientific case studies.

No other ionic air purifier even comes close to the negative ion out put of the ionbox — most other brands do not even cite their negative ion output. The ionbox is the best negative ion generator, outperforming other units in its size class but also outperforms other purifiers 10, 20 times its size. You will breathe cleaner, and healthier air, with the ionbox.


  • Highest Quality
    Years of research by our engineers on negative ion technology has resulted in an air ionizer capable of emitting up to 20 million negative ions per second making it the best negative ion generator. The ionbox 20m eclipses any other ionic generator on the market by a factor of 10. This breakthrough patented negative ion technology provides you with cleaner, safer, and overall better air quality that your health deserves.
  • Simple, Versatile, and Modern Style
    Being able to plug the ionbox into any outlet (110V/220V) or any USB outlet makes it the ideal air purifier for your international travel. Filter-less means less hassle and when you are on the commute, traveling for business, or on the road for a vacation, you don’t have time to worry about replacing air filters like the other air purifiers. Exhale a sigh of relief knowing that your air purifier is maintenance free. Also makes a great desk piece with its elegant and modern style.
  • Ease
    No filters to buy…ever. Never worry about whether your air purifier’s filter is almost out or deal with the hassle of purchasing and replacing an expensive air filter. Breathe easy knowing that the ionbox’s filter-less technology purifies your air without any costly maintenance or any cleaning required.
  • Efficient
    Built in dual voltage power supply removes the hassle of finding the right electrical converter when you are travelling internationally. No outlet in sight? Connect with ease to your laptop or any USB outlet (PC, Laptop, Car, RV). Running at an ultra-low 1.5 watts, the ionbox’s multi-power supply technology brings you clean air in any environment, worry free.
  • Maximum Concentration
    Don’t let its mini size fool you – best negative ion generator is small and mighty, the ionbox can deliver up to 10 times as many negative ions to an area of up to 5 times, 500 square ft, compared to other ionic purifiers of the same size and even producing more than larger sized ionic purifiers. It’s what’s in the inside that counts, take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology and breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Proven Technology
    Each ionbox is individually tested and measured in our facilities by a negative ion counter to ensure that each unit emits up to 20 million negative ions per second. This quality control and assurance is to guarantee that your ionbox can remove Tobacco Smoke & Odor, Airborne Bacteria, Allergens, Pollen, Harmful Dust, Pet Odors, and Pet Dander from the air you breathe
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10 reviews for ionbox 20m

  1. Brad

    I just bought ionbox for my work place. I originally had ionizer that wasn’t doing much. I received the device yesterday and brought to work today. I have had very itchy eyes. Today the itchiness has been reduced dramatically.

    I just spent several days in China. I could have used the device then. I am very allergic to smoke. It seems that smoking is a national pastime, even in places where there are signs saying no smoking. I will bring the device with me next year when I go back to China for another visit.

  2. Claire F

    Been using this ionizer over 2 months. Love it in the basement. Such fresh, clean air and a “lighter” energy. Pleasing unobtrusive appearance. Liked it so much I bought 3 more for other rooms, including 2 offices and the bedroom. All 3 worked great out of the box. But now I notice that the units are not silent. It has a small but strong fan and I’d call it “white noisy”. No uneven or weird sound. Just a steady fan noise you can hear. Might not be noticeable to some, like my husband. He isn’t aware of the sound but I am. Hence 4 stars. I still keep it in the bedroom but moved it to the alcove and taped over the blue light. I still recommend it.

  3. Haden

    I got this in the mail yesterday. I plugged it in, and 5 hours later my office air quality was noticeable improved. Today, I turned it on when I went into the office and 45 minutes later I was breathing easier – so far it works for me.

  4. Rachel

    This little thing is great! It was the best quality ionizer I could find for the price. It is low ozone producing and doesn’t have a UV-C filter, which were both important to me. I’ve been using it for over 3 months in our bedroom and it helps with our allergies (no more waking up with puffy eyes!). It also makes the air smell/feel fresher. I want to get one for every room!

  5. Jess J

    If you don’t believe any of the other review stating how wonderful this product is, you surely should listen to me! This house i live in is very dusty. I mean dusty to the point where in just a few days time, I would see dust bunnies everywhere. But from the moment that I plug the ion box in, the dust subsided, I don’t feel dirty anymore, I’m sleeping a little better, and the air smells and feels VERY fresh!

    I mean it’s just simply amazing! If you suffer from asthma or know anyone that does, or you just really want to get bad odors out of your house like mold and dust and mildew smells, get 2 of these! they work!

  6. Kevin Williams (verified owner)

    Only had my ionbox a few weeks, already feeling a nice clean atmosphere. At this stage I am completely satisfied. Thanks, KW.

  7. Jo Jo (verified owner)

    I am a pschotherapist and I use one in my office. I have noticed that even in stressful situations, my clients stay calmer.
    I, personally have breathing issues, so keeping the air clean and fresh is vital and that little tiny box does a great job.

  8. Gary (verified owner)


  9. Kevin (verified owner)

    This little box is something else!
    When I use this in my office I don’t get that mid afternoon crash like I had before.
    When I use the box in my workout room my workouts are ten times better, I don’t stop, can go longer in my HIIT workouts!
    I don’t have as many headaches.
    Just more energy in general and better sense of well being.

  10. Yvonne Costin (verified owner)

    I just purchased another Ionbox for the office in my home. My office manager has been coughing a lot ever since we acquired 2 more cats. With 3 cats in the house, her allergies really exploded. Now, with the Ionbox, she is no longer coughing. Yea IONBOX!! 🙂