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  • Annabel Carney's testimonial

    “I don’t know what magic is in this little box. All I know is that I sleep better, I wake up refreshed and I am energized all day! Pretty awesome!”

    Annabel Carney

  • Shannon Gale's testimonial

    I have only had this for one day, but it has already improved the air in my home, especially in the room where the puppy has had accidents. I didn’t sleep well with it running, but I still love it.

    Shannon Gale

  • Juliet's testimonial

    My second Ionbox arrived today. I purchased the first about a month ago and have been moving it from room to room. I expect to buy a third soon, and possibly a fourth. Every year I worry that I won’t be able to stand the second-hand smoke in my house when the windows are closed through the winter. It’s gotten harder for me every year. Now, it’s a pleasure to breathe the fresh, cleansed air. The Ionbox has saved either my health or my marriage, I guess both. So glad I tried it! I strongly recommend the Ionbox“.


  • JB's testimonial

    “This little gem works amazingly well for my office. We noticed a significant amount of stress reduction after having 2 of these running on our desks. The air feels cleaner and it helps with everyone’s productivity in my fast-paced office environment. Highly recommended.”


  • Tony Gregory's testimonial

    This product does what it says it will do. I keep mine next to my bed, clean air to breathe! I never had problems sleeping, but I instantly noticed a much deeper sleep. as a result, I have noticed a drop-in inflammation in my body. I also feel like I think more clearly and a more consistent positive attitude.

    I have already endorsed this product to friends and family. I dont hear the fan noise when I sleep, it’s quiet for me. worth every dollar spent.”

    Tony Gregory

  • Vince's testimonial

    This must be dropping particles out of the air because my allergies have improved remarkably! I keep it in the living room where I spend much of my time. It’s quiet so you only know it’s on if there’s complete silence in the room, sound not bad at all. It was worth the investment though I wish it didn’t cost so much. It worked out for me though!


  • Elizabeth Allen's testimonial

    “Doing a Fantastic job cleaning the air in my basement. I had a problem with the Radon level in the basement-it was 8.1, which is above the EPA recommended level of less than 4.0. After running the ION Generator for 2 months the level dropped to 2.1! I will eventually need to install a whole house emission system, but in the meantime, this has saved me several thousand dollars.
    thank you for this great product. PS, I even purchased a second ION Generator to keep my family room level under 4.0 (which is also on a slab foundation)”.

    Elizabeth Allen

  • R M Smith's testimonial

    “Absolutely perfect for work and had made a much-needed difference. Has it plugged into my docking station and it sits by my monitors? The building I work in is decades old and does not have good air quality. In addition, I’m currently in a project room, working in proximity with others.

    This little guy has a low hum (just like any other small fan) so there has been a couple off time where I had to turn it off to better hear the meeting participates on the conference line during meetings. Recommend it for the work place.”

    R M Smith

  • Steven Guinn's testimonial

    “I couldn’t be happier. Totally demolished Black Mold in bathroom including around rim. Mold was gone in one week. I have had in place and monitoring mold spots every day for 30 days…and BAM.”

    Steven Guinn

  • Miranda's testimonial

    “I purchased one of these. After one day of using constantly, breathing is much better, no stuffy nose, mood is more chill. So, I bought two more for around the house. I’m a person that catches almost any sickness going around -_- I’m hoping it helps that too. So far so good! Absolutely love this product.

    I’d recommend to friends, I’m going to get a couple more for Christmas gifts 🙂 As a bonus, I was very pleased to know that I purchased from a smaller, family owned business.”


  • Rose Wong's testimonial

    “I have tried so many products on the market including oils and scented candles to get rid of the foul smoke odors, nothing seemed to work. This small inconspicuous gadget not only blends in with any decor, it works wonders, and surprisingly quiet. No more odors!”

    Rose Wong

  • CJ's testimonial

    “Everyone who knows me, is aware that I am very demanding (some of them might say I’m obsessive) when it comes to wanting to breathe clean air. This device satisfied me. It operates silently. It has the strong air-cleaning power of an ozone generator, but without the irritation to the throat and lungs which ozone can cause. That, I believe, is because the negative ion output is so incredibly high. To be clear, this device, the IonPacific ion box, does not produce ozone. You get all the benefits of a powerful air cleaner, without any drawbacks.”


  • Tom's testimonial

    “I was skeptical that such a small unit could help control odors and allergens in my home but have found this unit more than does the trick. I’m very pleased and will be buying more units for other rooms in my home soon.”


  • Bony's testimonial

    “I have two of these and let me tell you they work. I have one in the bedroom that clears all the open mouth breathing odors and other odors out of the room leaving it smelling like fresh air. I also use one in the den and the air seems fresher in there also. I have been using them for about a month, with no problems.”


  • Shelly Robinson's testimonial

    “I brought the inbox 1 week ago to see if it would clean and purify the air because my dad has allergies and I have pets also. I pulled it in and within an hour I could tell it was working the rev smelled so much better and my dad said he could breathe alto better so and his nose was not running so much. This little inbox really works and I’m happy that I brought it.”

    Shelly Robinson

  • Henry's testimonial

    “Henry. Improves the air in rooms greatly and makes a big contribution to increased energy levels and better sleep. The first few days the devices made an intermittent high-pitch noise (we order three ion boxes) but after they had been running for a few days the high pitch noise completely ceased in all three devices.

    Highly recommend it, though not suitable to keep on all night as the fan noise is a little too loud. I have just ordered the battery-operated non-fan ion boxes hoping they might be suitable for overnight use. Overall a great little device that is very price competitive compared to other negative ion generators on the market and certainly delivers what it promises.”


  • David Pounder's testimonial

    “This is an excellent product! Well designed and stylishly made. It is of a size convenient enough to use at home or in the car. The Ionizer runs quietly and efficiently clearing the air of dust and pollutants. The only disadvantage is having to clear away the dust deposited on hard surfaces! Better that than breathing it in! The USB power source is very convenient for car and home. There is no ozone produced by the ionbox – this is a market leader in this new technology. Highly recommended (I have 2!).”

    David Pounder

  • Rachael's testimonial

    “This little thing is great, I’m not sure why the reviews aren’t better! It was the best quality ionizer I could find for the price. It is low ozone producing and doesn’t have a UV-C filter, which were both important to me. I’ve been using it for over 3 months in our bedroom and it helps with our allergies (no more waking up with puffy eyes!). It also makes the air smell/feel fresher. I want to get one for every room!”


  • Mark's testimonial

    “This is a small unit. It makes hardly any sound, and very little breeze. The blue LED doesn’t seem to light up the whole device (some other reviewers said that it did; so, maybe the newer ones don’t). It has an on/off button.

    Anyway, I got this for the negative ions (not specifically for air purification).

    First, I tried it out in my room. I noticed immediately that my hand felt drier in a new way after putting it front of the device. I don’t know why it made my skin feel like that, but it let me know it was more than just a fan. It felt different than I had expected, but I noticed it was doing something to the air, and me (besides just drying my hand). So, I took it in the living room and set it beside me on a chair. I let it run for a while, and I really started to notice a big difference after about ten minutes. It made me feel like I was getting a lot more oxygen into my system, or something like that (except a lot better than it feels if you just breathe too much). It quickly reduced odors (at least temporarily; I have yet to try it longer on odors). It made my muscles feel ready to exercise. It made my feet feel kind of like they do when I’m barefoot in the grass (if I pointed it at my feet). It made my skin feel cooler (in a good way). It made me feel like I never wanted to stop breathing, it felt so good (after having it on in proximity for a while). It made me feel more satisfied, happy, and at peace with myself.

    Other reviewers talked about it making them feel jittery if they were too close to it for too long, and while I can see how it would make someone feel jittery, I enjoy it right next to me. You’ll probably feel more jittery if you take deep breaths than if you take soft breaths.

    Others mentioned a strange sound that it can make. Mine has been known to make a sound that sounds like that on occasion, but it’s so quiet I haven’t been bothered by it. My server’s fan drowns out any sound this thing makes by far. According to at least one other reviewer, the situation can be remedied, though, if it bothers you.

    I’d love to have one of these on while lifting weights or exercising. It really made my muscles feel ready to do stuff (and strong) and made breathing a pleasure (and cooled me down in a pleasant way). It feels better if I roll up my shirt sleeves and pant legs while in use.

    My mom noticed a difference with this, too, she thought. I think she said she thought it felt easier to breathe. She was on the other side of the room with it going for a few hours.

    This seems to reduce my stress a lot. I feel less fatigue, less anxiety, and yeah. I could tell the difference when I went outside (I sensed that the negative ions from the ionizer weren’t there, but I still felt pretty good having been exposed to them).

    As for how well it helps me focus, I’ve been too distracted by how good I feel to evaluate that. 😉 I’ve even squinted with satisfaction because of it; I hope you know what that’s like. It’s relaxing to me (although it can be energizing).

    Most people probably aren’t going to notice everything I listed. I tend to notice a lot of stuff quickly, about lots of things, especially about how I feel; and, I’m sensitive to changes in feelings, chemicals, lights, microbes, etc.

    This is a very small device. It doesn’t look/feel cheap (AKA low quality) to me (a reviewer said it did), but it is plastic. The USB cord is short, but you can always use another one. Mine came with a USB to AC adapter. I use it.

    I haven’t had this long. I’m excited to try it while sleeping, and long-term.

    I was at a friend’s house a couple days ago; she had a big air purifier with an ionizing setting. I didn’t notice the same things around it, although I did like it. My dad had an air purifier at his house, which I liked, but I didn’t notice the same things around it, either (it wasn’t an ionizer).”


  • Charlie's testimonial

    “This thing really works! Got to say, I was skeptical when I read about the mixed reviews, but mine seemed to work better than even some of the best reviews. Upon plugging it in, the cat’s litter box smell was GONE. That fast, like not even a full minute!! In the few minutes after plugging it in, it sorts of felt like gravity in the room had changed?? Really weird but in a good way, maybe my apartment is just that stuffy.

    The air feels crisper (like a morning in the countryside) and there’s certainly less dust and cat hair floating around, that’s for sure. My gf noticed that she gets a jittery feeling when sitting too close to it, so we have it on a book shelf about 6ft from the couch. Also, we’ve noticed that we feel less stressed and depressed, more active and just generally feeling good. I’m honestly so surprised that a tiny ill thing like this could do so much! My only “complaint” is that the wire is very short on it so you might need an extension/adapter, but that hardly mattered; we found a lower shelf for it to sit. Def recommend to people with cats, allergies and stuffy ill apartments!”


  • S Romans's testimonial

    “All modern homes should have an ion generator. We are bombarded with positive ions continually from our electronics and the grid. Balancing that out takes effort. So glad to find one that’s affordable. I do think I need to get a couple more to achieve the balance needed. It’s very small.”

    S Romans

  • Brandy B's testimonial

    “I purchased this several months ago now and couldn’t be happier with it. I have allergy induced asthma and any number of things can set me off. This device has been a godsend for controlling the air quality in my home and making breathing easier. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who also suffers with asthma or is sensitive to air quality!”

    Brandy B

  • Carolyn Bedlamer's testimonial

    “I have this sitting in my bedroom and I love it! I think it does make a difference and how comfortable the air is to breathe in, and I am excited to see if it helps keep sickness away in the winter months approaching. There is a little fan inside that does make a very gentle hum noise that I don’t find distracting almost relaxing to fall asleep to. But the blue light that shines out from it is bright and distracting, some people have said they put some tape over it to dim it down a little lol. I might try that!”

    Carolyn Bedlamer

  • Peter Pawn's testimonial

    I live in a house built in 1896 and heat the place in winter with a wood stove. Suffice to say that the place can get dusty and unfortunately sometimes more than a little smoky. Prior to my purchase of the ION BOX if I experienced the wood stove back puffing (smoke comes in the house rather than up the chimney), my only recourse was to open all the window, which can be uncomfortable in the middle of winter.

    The ION BOX saved me from that predicament. It cleared my bedroom of any smell of smoke and let me keep the house warm. Not only that but the device’s fan creates a soothing white noise whir that I found efficacious to sleep.

    Peter Pawn

  • Niko Euren's testimonial

    “This little device works wonders!

    I was a little skeptical at first because I had bought a few of these ionizers from Aliexpress and Ebay for a few dollars. I decided to give the Ionbox a shot and I was blown away! I plugged it in and the little fan started spinning. The blue light turned on as well but after a minute the blue light was gone. The led might be faulty but it’s actually better without the light. The device has been running non-stop for two days now. Our apartment is 53m3 (570 sq.) and it has cleared the air in the whole apartment. The air smells clean and I can’t detect any smell that was there before. It’s been two days so I can’t say much about its energizing effect. I decided to do a little experiment with the device. I usually use my e-cig on the balcony and sometimes I’ve taken a couple of puffs inside the apartment and the vapor clears very slowly even with the windows open. While the Ionbox was running I took several puffs inside the apartment with the windows closed. The air was clear within a minute.”

    Niko Euren

  • Donna's testimonial

    “As many would be, I was concerned if the ionbox truly cleared the air. So, I felt the real test would be my garage. Every morning when I stepped into the garage, I smelled exhaust. Even though the garage door had been opened during each day time, I still detected exhaust fumes. So, at bedtime with the garage door closed, I placed the ionbox in the garage. Sure enough, the next morning, there was no odor. Two days later, having not used the ionbox in the garage, the odor returned. So, one more night of testing proved again, the ionbox removed the odor. Yes, I am convinced!”


  • J. Jones's testimonial

    “If you don’t believe any of the other review stating how wonderful this product is, you surely should listen to me! This house I live in is very dusty. I mean dusty to the point where in just a few days’ time, I would see dust bunnies everywhere. But from the moment that I plug the ion box in, the dust subsided, I don’t feel dirty anymore, I’m sleeping a little better, and the air smells and feels VERY fresh!!! I mean it’s just simply amazing! If you suffer from asthma or know anyone that does, or you just really want to get bad odors out of your house like mold and dust and mildew smells, get 2 of these! they work!!!”

    J. Jones

  • Kristi's testimonial

    “This thing has changed my entire life at work. I used to drag all day and get really fatigued by all the positive ions at work. I only figured this out after I got this thing, plugged it in, and stopped getting 3pm fatigue at my desk. It seriously has changed my days and it’s remarkable.”


  • James's testimonial

    “Measured with my negative ion counter and output is a little more than 20 million ions. The ionbox 20m delivers on its claim. Another thing I like about it compared to other ionizers is that the ionbox doesn’t emit any ozone. Will be purchasing a few more for friends/family.”


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