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  • Annabel Carney's testimonial

    “I don’t know what magic is in this little box. All I know is that I sleep better, I wake up refreshed and I am energized all day! Pretty awesome!”

    Annabel Carney

  • Shannon Gale's testimonial

    I have only had this for one day, but it has already improved the air in my home, especially in the room where the puppy has had accidents. I didn’t sleep well with it running, but I still love it.

    Shannon Gale

  • Juliet's testimonial

    My second Ionbox arrived today. I purchased the first about a month ago and have been moving it from room to room. I expect to buy a third soon, and possibly a fourth. Every year I worry that I won’t be able to stand the second-hand smoke in my house when the windows are closed through the winter. It’s gotten harder for me every year. Now, it’s a pleasure to breathe the fresh, cleansed air. The Ionbox has saved either my health or my marriage, I guess both. So glad I tried it! I strongly recommend the Ionbox“.


  • JB's testimonial

    “This little gem works amazingly well for my office. We noticed a significant amount of stress reduction after having 2 of these running on our desks. The air feels cleaner and it helps with everyone’s productivity in my fast-paced office environment. Highly recommended.”


  • Tony Gregory's testimonial

    This product does what it says it will do. I keep mine next to my bed, clean air to breathe! I never had problems sleeping, but I instantly noticed a much deeper sleep. as a result, I have noticed a drop-in inflammation in my body. I also feel like I think more clearly and a more consistent positive attitude.

    I have already endorsed this product to friends and family. I dont hear the fan noise when I sleep, it’s quiet for me. worth every dollar spent.”

    Tony Gregory

  • Vince's testimonial

    This must be dropping particles out of the air because my allergies have improved remarkably! I keep it in the living room where I spend much of my time. It’s quiet so you only know it’s on if there’s complete silence in the room, sound not bad at all. It was worth the investment though I wish it didn’t cost so much. It worked out for me though!


  • Elizabeth Allen's testimonial

    “Doing a Fantastic job cleaning the air in my basement. I had a problem with the Radon level in the basement-it was 8.1, which is above the EPA recommended level of less than 4.0. After running the ION Generator for 2 months the level dropped to 2.1! I will eventually need to install a whole house emission system, but in the meantime, this has saved me several thousand dollars.
    thank you for this great product. PS, I even purchased a second ION Generator to keep my family room level under 4.0 (which is also on a slab foundation)”.

    Elizabeth Allen

  • R M Smith's testimonial

    “Absolutely perfect for work and had made a much-needed difference. Has it plugged into my docking station and it sits by my monitors? The building I work in is decades old and does not have good air quality. In addition, I’m currently in a project room, working in proximity with others.

    This little guy has a low hum (just like any other small fan) so there has been a couple off time where I had to turn it off to better hear the meeting participates on the conference line during meetings. Recommend it for the work place.”

    R M Smith

  • Steven Guinn's testimonial

    “I couldn’t be happier. Totally demolished Black Mold in bathroom including around rim. Mold was gone in one week. I have had in place and monitoring mold spots every day for 30 days…and BAM.”

    Steven Guinn

  • Miranda's testimonial

    “I purchased one of these. After one day of using constantly, breathing is much better, no stuffy nose, mood is more chill. So, I bought two more for around the house. I’m a person that catches almost any sickness going around -_- I’m hoping it helps that too. So far so good! Absolutely love this product.

    I’d recommend to friends, I’m going to get a couple more for Christmas gifts 🙂 As a bonus, I was very pleased to know that I purchased from a smaller, family owned business.”


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