“This thing really works! Got to say, I was skeptical when I read about the mixed reviews, but mine seemed to work better than even some of the best reviews. Upon plugging it in, the cat’s litter box smell was GONE. That fast, like not even a full minute!! In the few minutes after plugging it in, it sorts of felt like gravity in the room had changed?? Really weird but in a good way, maybe my apartment is just that stuffy.

The air feels crisper (like a morning in the countryside) and there’s certainly less dust and cat hair floating around, that’s for sure. My gf noticed that she gets a jittery feeling when sitting too close to it, so we have it on a book shelf about 6ft from the couch. Also, we’ve noticed that we feel less stressed and depressed, more active and just generally feeling good. I’m honestly so surprised that a tiny ill thing like this could do so much! My only “complaint” is that the wire is very short on it so you might need an extension/adapter, but that hardly mattered; we found a lower shelf for it to sit. Def recommend to people with cats, allergies and stuffy ill apartments!”