“This is a small unit. It makes hardly any sound, and very little breeze. The blue LED doesn’t seem to light up the whole device (some other reviewers said that it did; so, maybe the newer ones don’t). It has an on/off button.

Anyway, I got this for the negative ions (not specifically for air purification).

First, I tried it out in my room. I noticed immediately that my hand felt drier in a new way after putting it front of the device. I don’t know why it made my skin feel like that, but it let me know it was more than just a fan. It felt different than I had expected, but I noticed it was doing something to the air, and me (besides just drying my hand). So, I took it in the living room and set it beside me on a chair. I let it run for a while, and I really started to notice a big difference after about ten minutes. It made me feel like I was getting a lot more oxygen into my system, or something like that (except a lot better than it feels if you just breathe too much). It quickly reduced odors (at least temporarily; I have yet to try it longer on odors). It made my muscles feel ready to exercise. It made my feet feel kind of like they do when I’m barefoot in the grass (if I pointed it at my feet). It made my skin feel cooler (in a good way). It made me feel like I never wanted to stop breathing, it felt so good (after having it on in proximity for a while). It made me feel more satisfied, happy, and at peace with myself.

Other reviewers talked about it making them feel jittery if they were too close to it for too long, and while I can see how it would make someone feel jittery, I enjoy it right next to me. You’ll probably feel more jittery if you take deep breaths than if you take soft breaths.

Others mentioned a strange sound that it can make. Mine has been known to make a sound that sounds like that on occasion, but it’s so quiet I haven’t been bothered by it. My server’s fan drowns out any sound this thing makes by far. According to at least one other reviewer, the situation can be remedied, though, if it bothers you.

I’d love to have one of these on while lifting weights or exercising. It really made my muscles feel ready to do stuff (and strong) and made breathing a pleasure (and cooled me down in a pleasant way). It feels better if I roll up my shirt sleeves and pant legs while in use.

My mom noticed a difference with this, too, she thought. I think she said she thought it felt easier to breathe. She was on the other side of the room with it going for a few hours.

This seems to reduce my stress a lot. I feel less fatigue, less anxiety, and yeah. I could tell the difference when I went outside (I sensed that the negative ions from the ionizer weren’t there, but I still felt pretty good having been exposed to them).

As for how well it helps me focus, I’ve been too distracted by how good I feel to evaluate that. 😉 I’ve even squinted with satisfaction because of it; I hope you know what that’s like. It’s relaxing to me (although it can be energizing).

Most people probably aren’t going to notice everything I listed. I tend to notice a lot of stuff quickly, about lots of things, especially about how I feel; and, I’m sensitive to changes in feelings, chemicals, lights, microbes, etc.

This is a very small device. It doesn’t look/feel cheap (AKA low quality) to me (a reviewer said it did), but it is plastic. The USB cord is short, but you can always use another one. Mine came with a USB to AC adapter. I use it.

I haven’t had this long. I’m excited to try it while sleeping, and long-term.

I was at a friend’s house a couple days ago; she had a big air purifier with an ionizing setting. I didn’t notice the same things around it, although I did like it. My dad had an air purifier at his house, which I liked, but I didn’t notice the same things around it, either (it wasn’t an ionizer).”