Niko Euren

“This little device works wonders!

I was a little skeptical at first because I had bought a few of these ionizers from Aliexpress and Ebay for a few dollars. I decided to give the Ionbox a shot and I was blown away! I plugged it in and the little fan started spinning. The blue light turned on as well but after a minute the blue light was gone. The led might be faulty but it’s actually better without the light. The device has been running non-stop for two days now. Our apartment is 53m3 (570 sq.) and it has cleared the air in the whole apartment. The air smells clean and I can’t detect any smell that was there before. It’s been two days so I can’t say much about its energizing effect. I decided to do a little experiment with the device. I usually use my e-cig on the balcony and sometimes I’ve taken a couple of puffs inside the apartment and the vapor clears very slowly even with the windows open. While the Ionbox was running I took several puffs inside the apartment with the windows closed. The air was clear within a minute.”