About IonPacific

IonPacific has its early roots in military technology when several of our founding engineers were called upon to address the issue of poor air quality in submarine environments.

After extensive research and investigation they determined negative ion therapy with its long list of benefits, ranging from physical and mental well-being to superior air sanitation, was the optimal solution for addressing this problem.

Our then newly created negative ion technology became the bench mark for the industry. Determined to bring our technology to the general public we needed to resolve a major issue: traditional negative ion generators were big and clunky.

IonPacific engineers foresaw a need to create a product that was smaller and practical. Further optimization and reengineering of our technology resulted in more efficient, smaller, and more portable negative ion generators and after many years of this process, the technology of the ionbox 20m was born.

The culmination of our efforts, research, and energy has resulted in the creation of the ionbox 20m. It is our aim to make millions of people aware of the positive benefits of negative ion therapy and to experience them first hand with the ionbox 20m.