Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ionbox 20m?

The ionbox 20m is a state of the art negative ion generator. It currently holds the title as the highest emitting negative air ionizer in the industry. It sanitizes and cleans your air by emitting negative ions into your air space.

How does it work?

The ionbox 20m works to clean your air by method of negative ionization. It emits up to 20 million negative ions per second, filling your air with beneficial, air-cleaning negative ions.

In high enough concentrations, negative ions clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles.

Negative ions are able to do this by attaching to these positively charged particles in large numbers. This causes the germs, mold, pollen and other allergens to become too heavy to stay airborne.

At this point they drop to the floor or attach to a nearby surface. This removes them from the air you breathe and prevents them from causing respiratory problems and other health issues.

What is a negative ion?

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation.

How does the ionbox create negative ions?

Modern ionizers work by forcing a tiny current of electrons to a fine point. The nearer the electrons come to the point, the closer they are forced together.

Since electrons naturally repel each other, when they reach the very tip of the ion generator they are forced off into the nearest air molecule and become a negative ion.

The ionbox 20m utilizes cutting edge, patented technology developed over years by our UK scientists, researchers, and engineers.

What are the benefits of negative ions?

1. Negative ions increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in your environment. They are often described as a natural anti-depressant.

2. Negative ionizers are proven to clear the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other potential allergens.

3. A good negative ion generator can significantly decrease airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

4. Improves the function of the cilia in your respiratory tract that protect your lungs from irritation and inflammation, thus leading to less instances of respiratory illnesses like colds and flu and even hayfever and asthma.

5. Relaxing effects, normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension. Because negative ions are absorbed directly into the bloodstream they may help to combat harmful free radicals within your body.

6. Improved energy levels and focus. Research at the University of California showed negative ions normalize serotonin levels in the brain, potentially improving a person’s positive outlook and mood.

7. Better sleep. A French study found using negative ionizers could help you to sleep better. This is once again due to their positive effects in normalizing serotonin production in the brain.

8. Reduces instances of headaches and sickness. The company Norwich Union found installing negative ion air cleaners in a work area full computers and other electronic equipment reduced instances of reported sickness and headaches by 78%. Negative ion generators are also routinely used in hospitals in Europe for their beneficial impact on patient’s health and healing rates.

Is there a filter to change?

No filter is needed.

Do our products produce ozone?

The ionbox, ionMi, ionFan, and ionNight emit only small amounts of ozone at a level determined by EPA to be safe. Current research has shown that ozone is harmful to the human body and therefore, the ionbox has been designed with this research in mind.

How big of an area will it cover?

400 – 500 square feet room depending height of ceiling.

What is the life expectancy of our products?

10,000 hours of continuous use.

How is the ionbox 20m powered?

Simply plug the ionbox 20m into any 110V or 220V outlet with the included AC plug adapter. You may also plug the ionbox 20m into any USB port such as your laptop or PC. The ionbox 20m runs at an ultra low 1.5 watts.

Does it produce any smells?

No; however, many report the air has a fresh smell similar to air quality after rain. The ionbox 20m will reduce foul odors in your air space.

How long can I leave it on?

It is built to run continuously; however, we recommend you turn the ionbox 20m off whenever you are gone for extended periods of time.

How new is the technology?

The proven technology has an extensive track record for military and industrial use; however, never has a unit this powerful been offered to the public or commercial sector.

How does the ionbox 20m compare to other units on the market?

No comparison. No other unit produces anything close to the amount of negative ions found in the ionbox 20m. Most companies and competitors tend to omit or not mention the negative ion count of their respective ionizers. We proudly share our negative ion count.